Dental Assisting Program Description:

Our chairside program is designed to prepare you for an entry level position as a dental assistant in a general dentistry practice. The Dental Assisting Program provides “basic training” in dental assisting. The program is designed for students with no prior education or work experience in the field. You will acquire knowledge and skills appropriate to entry level work as an unregistered dental assistant. Topics covered include Pre-clinical Procedures, General Clinical Procedures, and Procedures specific to Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.

Our graduates will be familiar with dental anatomy, dental terminology, instruments, lab equipment, charting, tooth numbering, infection control, sterilization procedures, radiology, restorative materials, taking impressions, and many other topics.

The course includes a major lesson on job search skills. We will show you how to find job openings by means of classified advertising, internet resources, your own self-marketing approach and by other means as well. Your employability is of particular concern to us.

  • Name of Course - Chairside dental assisting
  • Length of Course - 80 hours
  • Length of Course in Weeks - 10 weeks or less
  • Days of Instruction - Saturdays 8:30AM-4:30PM
  • Fee Schedule:


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Chair Side Dental Assisting








There are many benefits associated with our Dental Assisting Program as compared to other programs and schools. The program is scheduled for 10 weeks, rather than an average RDA Program which can take up to 36 weeks to complete.


When comparing potential income between our program and other programs for the first 9 months in this career, there is a substantial difference. Because of our shorter program, you will be able to earn an income after 10 weeks rather than being in school for the entire 9 months and not earning anything. This is a major benefit to our program because it allows you to study and then work during this time period, rather than just only studying. This can allow you to be cash positive after 9 months from earning income after 10 weeks of school, compared to being cash negative while studying and being in school for the entire 9 months. Also, most RDA Programs can cost nearly $9,000, where our Short Dental Assisting Program will only cost you $2,500.



Special Disclosure Regarding Dental Assisting Training and Certification:

This course does not lead to certification as a Registered Dental Assistant. However you are not required, by law, to be a Registered Dental Assistant to obtain employment as a dental assistant. After you have one year’s experience, you may become eligible to apply to take a test to become a registred dental assistant.